Lost - Swan Station Timer

This program is an attempt to recreate the hatch computer and timer featured in series of Lost.
 A counter counts down from 108 minutes. When the counter has less than 4 minutes left a terminal is shown where you must enter the numbers '4 8 15 16 23 42' and press enter. The counter will then reset to 108.

- Timer and terminal complete with graphics just like the show.
- Authentic high quality sounds.
- Animated number flipping.
- Can only enter anything when there is 4 or less minutes left.
- Keeps a log of your attempts - just like the Pearl Station does in the show.
- Glyphs appear and animate when timer hits 0.
- After too many 'System Failures' the timer will crumple and you can not enter the numbers.
- Option of shutting down comupter when time is up.
- 'Bastard Mode' - which when activated prevents the program from closing and hides it from the Windows application list (not the process list in XP or above).

Bastard Mode
Alters the program so you can't close it, minimize it, the windows are always on top and the program is hidden from Task Menu's Application list (not process list in XP or above). This is set by altering the ini file (example shown below).

WINDOW TOP=0  - Sets timer windows position.
WINDOW LEFT=4200 - Sets timer windows position.
BASTARDMODE=0  - 0 = Normal Mode 1 = Bastard Mode.
ENDING=1  - 0 = Program closes when timer hits 0.
     1 = Computer shuts down when timer hits 0.
ENABLESOUND=0  - 1 = Play wave sounds
     0 = Use system beep for all sounds (doesn't require sound card).
ALWAYS ON TOP=1  - 0 = Windows act normally 1 = Windows are always on top.
PLAYFLIP=1  - 0 = 'Flip' sounds are not played 1 = 'Flip' sounds are played.
CLOSETERMINAL=1  - 0 = Keeps the Terminal open after code is inputted.
     1 = Closes the Terminal after code is inputted.
PLAYMODE=1  - 0 = Plays only one sound at a time (for computers that don't support
         multiple waves running at once). This setting is recommended to use
         with PlayFlip = 0 or else sounds get cut off.
     1 = Overlapping of sounds is enabled.
WINDOW TOP=1785  - Sets terminal windows position.
WINDOW LEFT=1935 - Sets terminal windows position.

Size 4.12 MB - rar - Download

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