Zamok - 1994 - Aleksey Balabanov

Released in 1994

Directed by Aleksey Balabanov

Storyline - The Castle, it is the second notable screen version of Kafka’s unfinished novel The Castle. It is a sophisticated and ambiguous parable of an individual desperately trying to preserve his identity while struggling against sinister and invisible bureaucrats who rule the village from inside the titular castle.

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Kochegar - 2010 - Aleksey Balabanov

Released in 2010
Directed by Aleksey Balabanov

Storyline - The focus of this movie is on a Stoker a retired major, a hero of the Soviet Union and an ethnic Yakut. He has to take work in a stokehold, and he spends his free time working on a story on his typewriter. Outside, it is the feverish 1990s, the era of tempestuous changes in Russian society. The ubiquitous presence of organized crime even extends to his workplace, which gangsters use to incinerate corpses.

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Me Too - 2012 - Aleksey Balabanov

Released in 2012
Directed by Aleksey Balabanov

Storyline - Sanja the Bandit after a particularly vicious shootout, stumbles into the musician Oleg at the local banya. Following a retelling of a semi-mythological story, the pair decide to make a pilgrimage to a "bell-tower of happiness".

"Ya tozhe hochu" Alexei Balabanov’s last and most personal film. An adaptation on Tarkovsky’s Stalker myth set in Balabanov’s provocative world. Me Too contributes to the popular genre of apocalyptic films with this characteristically absurd and darkly humorous work.

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Morfiy - 2008 - Aleksey Balabanov

Released in 2008
Directed by Aleksey Balabanov

Storyline - In late autumn of 1917, a young doctor arrives in the Russian countryside in the middle of nowhere. Doctor Polyakov (Leonid Bichevin) comes here from the capital during a very turbulent period (the 1917 revolution). The very first night, he is submitted to the first real test of his professionalism but fails to save a man's life. To get over this first real-life experience and to protect his own health, the doctor prescribes himself a dose of morphine. More soon follow, as he performs his first amputation, trachometry etc. What was meant as first-aid relief for difficult situations soon becomes an addiction, and the pharmacy assistant, his lover and even a companion-in-crime (Ingeborga Dapkunaite) help him all along the way.

Adapted from Mikhail Bulgakov's collection of autobiographical stories, "Notes Of A Young Doctor", Aleksei Balabanov's Morphia is an unvarnished portrait of rural Russia at the cusp of the Bolshevik Revolution, based on a script by Sergey Bodrov.

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Whos Afraid of Virginia Woolf - 1966 - Mike Nichols

Released in 1996
Directed by Mike Nichols

Storyline - George and Martha are a middle aged married couple, whose charged relationship is defined by vitriolic verbal battles, which underlies what seems like an emotional dependence upon each other. This verbal abuse is fueled by an excessive consumption of alcohol. George being an associate History professor in a New Carthage university where Martha's father is the President adds an extra dimension to their relationship. Late one Saturday evening after a faculty mixer, Martha invites Nick and Honey, an ambitious young Biology professor new to the university and his mousy wife, over for a nightcap. As the evening progresses, Nick and Honey, plied with more alcohol, get caught up in George and Martha's games of needing to hurt each other and everyone around them. The ultimate abuse comes in the form of talk of George and Martha's unseen sixteen year old son, whose birthday is the following day.

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