Cure for Pain - The Mark Sandman Story

Released in 2011

Directed by Rob Gordon Bralver and David Ferino

Storyline - Gatling Pictures' "Cure for Pain: The Mark Sandman Story" examines the life and work of Mark Sandman, deceased frontman of Boston "low rock" band Morphine. From his Newton, Mass., roots to his travels across America and around the globe, Sandman left an indelible imprint as one of the most distinctive musicians of his generation. Along with revisiting the "unique and sultry sound" of his music, the film explores the meaning of family through this critically praised and personally conflicted singer, songwriter and innovative instrumentalist.

Mark Sandman (September 24, 1952 – July 3, 1999) was an American singer, songwriter, musical instrument inventor, multi-instrumentalist and comic writer. He was an indie rock icon and longtime fixture in the Boston/Cambridge music scene, best known as the lead singer and slide bass player of the band Morphine. Sandman was also a member of the blues-rock band Treat Her Right and founder of Hi-n-Dry, a recording studio and independent record label.

Along with Morphine, which he formed in 1989, Sandman was a member of the bands Treat Her Right, Sandman, Candy Bar, the Hypnosonics, Treat Her Orange, Supergroup (with Chris Ballew), and the Pale Boys. He performed as a guest with the Boston jazz band Either/Orchestra.

On July 3, 1999, he suffered a massive heart attack during a concert in Italy and died instantly.

He was regarded as one of the most underrated and skilled bass players of his generation, with many admirers such as Les Claypool, Mike Watt, and Josh Homme citing Sandman as an influence, of which the former said "Mark Sandman was probably one of the most creative and fabulous bass players I've stumbled across in the last decade or so."

With his signature two-string bass, Sandman created an unusual "slow and murky" sound, which he then incorporated within his band to critical acclaim.

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